MAAP, the Melbourne-based cycling and performance lifestyle apparel brand has today announced the latest collection of its Alt_Road™ apparel, designed for riders seeking alternative paths.

Since its debut in 2021, Alt_Road™ has been MAAP’s call to those looking to turn their Out of Office on and escape to wild and out-there terrain on bike. In the heart of adventure lies transformation. We find refuge in the beauty of the present moment and still in Mother Nature’s great wild spaces. It’s here where life truly comes alive. Whether that be multi-day cross country epics or hunting new off-road shortcuts as a brief escape from the seriousness of everyday life.

MAAP Alt_Road Lifestyle

The new Alt_Road™ collection wants to bring this message to more people than ever before by expanding the range to include products precision engineered to help cyclists go further. Details of the new drop are below, but first there’s something more crucial…

Help Wanted
Mother Nature is calling for help and we must all invest in and advocate for its protection to ensure we and future generations are able to continue to share in its wonder. It’s important to recognise that our continued enjoyment of natural and wild spaces is under threat.

The ‘Help Wanted’ program is MAAP’s response to this call for help.

MAAP is working to enable grants, community events and greater awareness of the impactful programs being provided by select local non-profit environmental organisations. Helping to ensure the essential work they do in preserving the wild spaces we enjoy is able to continue.

To bring attention to these efforts a series of ‘Help Wanted’ events and rides will be taking place around the globe, encouraging the MAAP community to come together and do what they can to support conservation any way they can.


The new collection expands the scope of MAAP’s Alt_Road™ range to support more riders pursuing off-road adventures than ever before. Developing a meticulously crafted system that can be modified to match a wide range of off-road riding, straddling the increasingly blurry line between gravel riding, bike packing and in a first for MAAP, cross country mountain biking.

Central to this expansion are two new products designed to work in combination with one another, the lightweight Alt_Road™ Cargo Bib Liner and the Alt_Road™ Overshort. The pairing provides riders with the comfort and breathability of a bib short with the aesthetics and rugged protection of a riding short. Together they offer a stylish, comfortable and functional system with greater storage capabilities and protection for long days.

Storage is taken care of by an ingenious triple pocket system on the rear of the bib liner which sees two large, easily accessible zip pockets layered beneath a single open topped pocket. On-bib storage removes the need to wear a jersey with pockets, or allows riders to double up the storage for days when a mid ride resupply just isn’t an option.

MAAP Alt_Road Shorts

Another addition to the range is the Alt_Road™ Wind Jacket and Vest. Crafted from a super lightweight, breathable Pertex® Equilibrium fabric that offers fast-drying protection from the elements while still providing next-to-skin airflow for optimised comfort and temperature regulation. A two-way zip allows riders to dial in fit and airflow to their exact needs on the trail, and intelligent cinching system provides greater aerodynamics and protection when pushing through wind and rain Soft, light and stashable with a fast-drying cinchable fit, it won’t weigh you down for the long haul.

For riders that prefer to ride wearing a Tech Tee, Alt_Road™ now has three options. First of which is the new Alt_Road™ Zip Tee, bringing the style of a tech tee and matching it with the versatility and thermo-regulation of a zipped jersey. A ripstop stretch woven panel takes care of durability while a bonded rear pocket with secure zip closure to keep your valuables safe.

Long and Short Sleeve Tech Tee’s have been a part of Alt_Road™ since its inception. This latest collection sees them redesigned with improved lightweight, durable and fast drying fabrics with UPF30+ as well as a small bonded rear zip pocket.

MAAP Alt_Road Lifestyle

Longstanding Alt_Road™ favourites are still present and are available in updated colour palettes. The full range is detailed below and is now available at and select retailers.