Fara Cycling, the Norwegian bike brand championing the simplicity of Scandinavian design and specialising in adventure cycling, has unveiled its striking new Modular Cockpit – a versatile two-piece bar and stem combination. Designed with improved ergonomics and adaptability in mind, the new cockpit features an innovative stem that allows the rider to adjust their reach by 10mm to ensure the perfect fit.

The Fara Modular Cockpit has been engineered to provide improved comfort over longer distances, including additional flexibility when riding more rugged surfaces, taking the sting out of the ride. Ergonomics are enhanced by multiple defined hand positions, from the refined shape of the tops to match the angle of the torso, defined hand positions across the bar and an 8 degree flare on the drops. All of which combine to allow the rider to find their optimal hold at any point during even the longest days out in the saddle. The handlebar and stem are securely fastened by four bolts which also serve as mounting points for accessories such as Aerobars (sold separately) for a seamless switch to an ultra-racing or triathlon set-up.

The cockpit is available in four handlebar widths – 37cm (Narrow), 40cm (Race), ​ 42cm (Regular) and 44cm (Wide) centre to centre from the hoods. The drop-cant adds three centimetres to the width when measured C-C at the drops. Three stem lengths are available: 80-90mm (Short), 100-110mm (Regular) or 120-130mm (Long). Fully internal cabling is achieved through pairing with Token’s A-Box or S-Box headset, as fitted as standard on all Fara models, whilst alternative cable routing options are possible on other bikes.

Fara Cycling founder Jeff Webb was one of the pioneers of the concept, calling on his own extensive racing and ultra cycling experiences. “We set out to create a handlebar and stem that is built around the needs of the rider, focussing on ergonomics and versatility rather than just aerodynamics, or simply aesthetics.

“Removing the round interface between bar and stem opens up a wide range of possibilities that we wanted to capitalise on. Going against the grain of the bike industry that makes more and more proprietary components with little or no adjustability, our cockpit is extremely versatile and will allow us to add to the Fara product ecosystem in the future. Ergonomics was the starting point, taking the approach of providing the best position and handling on the flats, climbs, sprints and everything in between.”

Aside from its striking design, one of the most unique elements of Fara’s Modular Cockpit is the adjustable stem, giving 10mm of fore-aft difference thanks to hidden attachment points. Designed to allow the rider positional options on the move, whilst also providing bike fitters with a more versatile solution when fitting bike-to-rider, saving costly upgrades after purchase.

Fara Modular Cockpit_1

The full handlebar and stem combo tips the scales at approximately 450g for the regular 40cm Race width bars. The bar also features a universal mounting point for cycling computers and lights, plus aero bar mounting points too. The slight backsweep of the bar is paired with a noticeable 8 degrees of flare in the drops to give a slight opening up of the shoulders.

To celebrate the launch of the Modular Cockpit, Fara has reintroduced its popular Solstice F/All-Road colourway in a limited edition build fitted with the new cockpit, with just 15 of these available.

The Modular Cockpit retails at €749 / 7490 NOK / £667. To find out more, visit the product page here.