The similarities between cyclists and motorcyclists take only the lightest of surface scratching to uncover. Both cultures maligned, rogue, seeking solitude and adventure, rebellious. Never really fitted in, but never really wanted to.

It’s this recognition of one another’s lifestyle choice, along with a relentless desire to create unique and well functioning things that drew BlackHeart Bikes Founder Zach Lambert, Bleach Design Werks creator Mikey Ojeda and MAAP Co-Founder Jarrad Smith into the same orbit.

A new collaboration between LA-based BlackHeart and custom motorcycle and dirt bike designer Bleach and Melbourne-based MAAP has spawned a limited edition cycling capsule. With MAAP’s apparel and BlackHeart’s bikes as his canvas, committed cyclist Ojeda set about unapologetically colliding his passions.

Chrome being the logical base of inspiration for any self-respecting LA biker, Mikey sought out colours MAAP hadn’t previously used, instantly reaching for the loudest of punk-palette pinks – a signature of Bleach style. The resulting collection of stand-out garments boldly sit independent of recognised cycling and motorbiking styles and yet, in that way, are a proud embodiment of the spirit of both. A melding that only Bleach Design Werks could accomplish.

Venice, LA-born bike brand BlackHeart Bike Co. has built a limited run of custom painted Bleach Allroad AL bikes, with a launch event in Los Angeles planned to kickstart the partnership and mark the occasion. The bikes mirror the apparel collection and Bleach’s signature colours, heavy on both chrome and pink. The Bleach Allroad was primarily created for pro skateboarder Boo Johnson, who has played an integral role in the design of the bike. Boo found cycling a decade ago as a way to stay fit for skateboarding without the high risk of injury.

Mikey Ojeda, ‘BlackHeart and MAAP do it because they genuinely love it, they love designing and they love making amazing products. And that’s how I am. We don’t ever put anything out that we don’t believe in. We don’t ever put anything out that we don’t love.

‘My place in this collaboration was to contribute art or to contribute style. You want to find each other’s strengths and lock in on what your purpose is there. What is the special piece that I feel can make this fit and look like a Bleach product or look like something that came from Mikey’s space.’

Zach Lambert, BlackHeart founder, ‘The bike design embodies the celebration of looking, living, and riding differently. The Allroad AL frame was chosen as it is the most approachable of our models, perfect for everyone from the person getting their first bike to an experienced rider looking for a classic design with modern versatility. It’s a bike that can race a crit one day and head off into the mountains on a gravel adventure the next.’

Jarrad Smith, Co-founder and Co-CEO of MAAP, ‘I’ve always been deeply influenced by fashion and streetwear. This collaboration with Bleach Design Werks brings a fresh take to cycling through our shared passion for the sport and desire to embrace unique style from outside the sport. By teaming up together, we want to inspire broader group of people to get on their bikes and ride’

MAAP x Bleach Design Werks Collection
Team Bib Evo in Camellia Rose
Pro Air Jersey in Sweet Corn or Black
Long Sleeve Mesh Tee in Sweet Corn
Socks in Sweet Corn
Bottle in Black/Yellow

BlackHeart x Bleach Allroad AL
SRAM Force AXS groupset with Red rainbow cassette and chain
Zipp ZL-70 aero handlebar, Speed SL carbon stem and seatpost
Hunt 44 Aerodynamicist carbon wheels
Fizik Vento Argo 00 Adaptive carbon saddle
Vittoria Corsa Pro TLR 32 tires
Available for purchase through BlackHeart

Visit to see the new apparel collection and to learn more about the BlackHeart X Bleach Allroad AL.