Body Rocket, the startup behind the world’s first real-time aerodynamic drag force measurement system for cyclists and triathletes, has been helping World Champion triathletes Kristian Blummenfelt and Gustav Iden and their coach, Olav Aleksander Bu make final adjustments ahead of the Kona 2022 Ironman World Championships.

Utilizing Body Rocket’s technology in preparation, Blummenfelt and Iden will begin the race in Kona with the unique advantage of having accessed comprehensive data-proven insights about their on-bike aerodynamics. Body Rocket’s support also allows for course-specific preparation, for example, maximizing aerodynamic efficiency on Kona’s long highway straights and notorious crosswinds.

With access to world-first real-time drag force measurement and a host of other nuanced data produced by Body Rocket’s highly sensitive sensor technology, the Norwegians recently tested the aerodynamic efficiency of their positions and equipment in a session at the velodrome in Barcelona, in preparation for this year’s Ironman World Championship. This reduces reliance on a wind tunnel, where sessions are typically limited to just a few minutes riding in each position before adjusting and revisiting. Being able to measure real-time aerodynamic drag on the bike outside of a lab-based environment allows for more dynamic and regular testing of riding position and equipment.

Body Rocket

Body Rocket’s multi-year partnership with the athletes, which will see them use the technology in training, was made possible by the founding of a new science and technology company, Santara Technology, created by the trio alongside their long-time manager Adam Acworth.

Olav Aleksander Bu, Norwegian performance coach, said: “There’s a big difference between testing a position for five minutes in a wind tunnel when you’re fresh, versus in a race. You may find an ideal position in a wind tunnel only to go back on the bike and find it’s not sustainable for two to four hours. Body Rocket can guide you continuously over longer periods where you can train yourself into position in real time, and nail the difference between the numbers and the feeling.”

Body Rocket

Eric DeGolier, Founder of Body Rocket, said: “We created Body Rocket to help all performance cyclists and triathletes refine their aerodynamics, bringing wind tunnel technology to real world riding. To see world champion athletes using our technology to identify performance improvement in preparation for the biggest race in the world is the best possible statement of approval from the triathlon world.”