Hutchinson, the French pioneers of cycling tubeless tyre technology, have today announced their complete range of gravel tyres are now available in 700 x 50mm versions for the first time.

Crafted in the pursuit of increased comfort and unparalleled versatility, the larger size is now available across Hutchinson’s entire gravel range – and well suited to the increasingly popular field of gravel e-biking. Whether reaching for the Tundra for slick, rocky, technical trails, calling on the ever-reliable Touareg workhorse, or rolling on tarmac and trail alike with the Overide – all bases are covered with this new offering. There’s even room for MTB-inspired mix and matching for dialled performance: Hutchinson champion the grippy Tundra front and all-rounder Touareg rear pairing, or a Touareg front and Overide rear combination for a surefooted front end and fast rolling speed at the rear.

This range opens up new riding opportunities for an extensive array of riders – from bikepackers to gravel adventurers – departing from pure race-ready performance to bolster comfort and encourage the kind of rugged exploration previously reserved solely for mountain bikes. Built for adventure and a reliably plush ride – regardless of terrain.


The addition of 700x50mm tyres rounds out Hutchinson’s gravel offering and cements their industry-leading position as one of the few tyre manufacturers providing this size across their entire gravel range. This new size also retains the same £49.95 RRP as equivalent smaller models.

The new size utilises the same bi-compound material as the highly favoured existing models, whilst a uniform scaling-up of the profile design retains all the same performance benefits as their smaller counterparts – resulting in reliable tread, grip, and durability, with Hardskin protection working to keep punctures at bay.

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