Hutchinson, the French pioneer of cycling tyre technology has today unveiled the Python Race and Python 3, the latest generation of their iconic Python range of Cross Country tyres.

The Hutchinson Python range has been a mainstay of the XC racing world since its launch in the 1990’s. The original tyre was piloted to an Olympic gold medal in 1996 by legendary Italian rider Paola Pezzo at the first ever games to feature XC MTB. Later iterations have since been ridden to multiple World Cups and National Championship victories, piloted by some of the sport’s best loved athletes.

Development of the next generation Python range began in 2022 and was a direct response to Hutchinson sponsored teams and athletes asking for a tyre that was better suited to modern XC riding. The sport having gone through significant changes over the past few years with evolving bike geometry, improvements in suspension and importantly, wider wheels.

Savilia Blunk Racing

A decision was made to create two new tyres, Python 3, a versatile successor to Python 2 and the Python Race, oriented exclusively towards efficiency and performance. Both take the DNA of the Python range and bring it up to date with new tread designs and a construction specific to the modern era of wider rims and higher volume tyres.

Both new tyres use an evolution of Hutchinson’s long standing RRXC compound. This sees a move to a Bi-compound construction with a harder compound in central sections to assist with rolling speed and softer side compound for increased deformation and grip.

The new tyres both carry the Hutchinson Racing Lab moniker, signifying that they have been hand made in France and developed in conjunction with leading elite athletes, ensuring they meet the needs of racing at the highest level.

Python Race

Python Race Tyre Tread

The Python Race is a direct product of Hutchinson’s partnership with the Decathlon Ford Racing Team and has been developed specifically for the demands of elite level XC racing. The team requested the lightest and fastest possible tyre to aid their pursuit of World Cup medals and success at Hutchinson’s home Olympic Games in Paris this summer.

As part of the Racing Lab program the team has been racing and testing various prototypes since the 2023 season. Assessing different construction methods and rubber compounds to determine which is the ultimate combination of performance, weight and comfort for the high speed world of elite XC.

The outcome is a class leading 600g tyre built entirely for speed, the fastest rolling tyre in Hutchinson’s MTB range and a tool to be reserved exclusively for race days. When mounted on 30mm wide rims it has a 60mm volume, giving incredible levels of traction and deformation. ​

The Python Race features the RRXC compound, a 3×127 TPI construction, a super low profile 1.5mm central tread for unmatched speed and more prominent side knobs for increased grip in corners and a degree of puncture protection.

Hutchinson Python RACE

The Python Race is available in Black only and exclusively in a 29” x 2.4″ size and will retail for £59.99/€69.99

Python 3

The Python 3 is a direct successor to the Python 2 and original Python. A highly versatile tyre with an emphasis on speed, grip and comfort, designed around modern, wider XC rims. ​

Based on the Python’s signature design, there is an updated, wider central tread design that maintains continual ground contact for increased braking surface and bite, while still providing ample space for mud clearance. Side knobs are less clustered than the previous generation, allowing for increased grip and more progressive handling

Like the Python Race, it has been developed alongside the Decathlon Ford Racing Team. ​ It’s bead to bead Hardskin protection layer making Python 3 the perfect choice when extra security is necessary on more technical courses.

This enhanced durability makes it the perfect choice for more general XC riding and racing, striking an ideal balance of speed, grip, comfort and practicality. The Python 3 is a fast, lightweight tyre that offers the performance of an XC race tyre without being overly delicate.

Python 3 also features the RRXC compound but matched with a 3×66 TPI casing that balances flexibility and weight, alongside the previously mentioned bead to bead Hardskin layer for unmatched puncture protection.

Available in Black and Tan Wall editions, the Python 3 is available in both 2.3″ and 2.4″ sizes weighing 780g and 810g respectively and will retail for £59.99 / €65.99.

More affordable, non-Racing Lab versions of the Python 3 will also be available from May in a range of sizes. These forego the Hardskin puncture protection for Sideskin reinforcement and will retail at £18.99/€19.99 for the Tubetype version and £41.99/€45.99 for the Tubeless version.

Hutchinson Python 3 tyre

The Python range is the latest addition to the Hutchinson ecosystem of XC, Downcountry and Trail tyres. Giving ​ riders another option to mix and match combinations to perfectly suit their chosen terrain, conditions and riding style. Run a dual Python Race setup for fast, hard packed courses, or pair with a Python 3 or even a Kraken for when increased front end grip and security is required.