Welcome to the latest addition to the PaceUp stable… Jordan Matthews.

Jordan has joined us as a PR Executive, adding depth and strength to our core service offering. She turned up pre-loaded with an abundance of positive energy, and we’re here for it. We wonder if this might be pent up because she’s a pretty serious triathlete who has an injury preventing her from training… but in all likelihood, she’s probably just really nice.

We fired Jordan a list of quick-fire questions to get to know her better. So read on… because the most important thing you’ll learn today is what kind of cheese she thinks she would be.


PU: Sweet or savoury?
JM: Sweet.

PU: Biggest sporting/athletic achievement to date?
JM: Winning IM 70.3 Turkey or getting a top 10 at the Worlds 70.3 having only ran for about 1 month of the year to that point.

PU: If you were a cheese, which one would you be and why?
JM: Feta – zesty, energetic/enthusiastic, healthy, and only to be seen in the summer.

PU: What’re the 3 items on your bucket list?
JM: Bikepack across Europe, get a 75 minute half marathon (one day!) + start a charity to provide more opportunities for inner-city youngsters to get into sport.

PU: In 2025 you can turn up to the start line of any race or event, in the form of your life… what is it?
JM: Alpe D’Huez Triathlon.

PU: What’s your favourite Christmas movie?
JM: Polar Express.

PU: What is the most underrated city you have ever visited?
JM: Newcastle (Australia) or Cascais (Portugal).

PU: We know you’re injured so not able to train at the moment… so what’re you binging on Netflix/etc instead?
JM: Married at first sight Australia – guilty!

PU: Where do you find inspiration?
JM: Process-driven people!