Melbourne-based cycling apparel brand MAAP has launched the latest update to its Transit collection, a technical range of apparel inspired by life around bikes.

Having established itself as a leader in on-bike apparel, MAAP’s Transit collection takes that formula and applies it to a range of technical streetwear. Maintaining its uncompromising approach to quality and aesthetics, creating a fresh take on apparel for active people.

Making its debut in the Transit collection is the men’s Padded Overshirt, a considered outer layer for the colder months featuring recycled polyester insulation. Another addition in the men’s collection is the new Phase Pant and Phase Short, both carefully considered through fit and construction to support advanced urban mobility, whilst maintaining an everyday aesthetic. Featuring a 2-way stretch technical fabric and DWR coating for additional weather-protection.

MAAP Transit

The women’s collection receives welcome elevation with the all new Padded Lightweight Liner Jacket, featuring a quilted construction for warmth and comfort with subtle design nod to MAAP’s brand iD. Whilst the addition of the Women’s Power Air ¼ Zip, a high-neck sweater constructed from advanced Polartec® performance fabric, provides a more technical option for cooler temperatures.

A women’s Motion Pant is introduced delivering across both form and function with a lightweight design. Four-way stretch provides on-the-go comfort and a DWR coating paired with breathable fabrics work with the weather rather than against it.

The Transit range is made for movement. Technical partnerships with industry leading brands such as Polartec, Pertex and Primaloft help elevate the range and its capabilities. Whilst MAAP’s ever-present eye for design ensures the collection looks as good as it feels.

MAAP Transit

New seasonal colour tones are introduced in a monochromatic and versatile palette. Adaptable for an array of environments and conditions to advance multi-disciplinary movement. Both men’s and women’s Transit Puffer Jackets receive a new look this season, whilst the do-it-all, waterproof Roam Jacket 2.0 receives a new shade of blue.

Rethink how you move. In Transit with MAAP.

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The full Transit Collection consists of:

Transit Tee – Men / Women
Transit Puffer – Men / Women
Roam Jacket 2.0 – Men
Padded Overshirt – Men (New)
Power Air Crew – Men
Padded Lightweight Liner Jacket – Women (New)
Power Air ¼ Zip – Women (New)
Phase Pant – Men (New)
Phase Short – Men (New)
Motion Pant 2.0 – Men / Women (New)
Motion Short 2.0 – Men