This winter, MAAP headed to the frigid wilds of New Zealand to test out the Aussie brand’s new season of Deep Winter gear for riders in colder climes. A new short film the brand has produced features three cyclists, each with their own reasons for needing to throw a leg over and get out on the road, despite the conditions.

Film director Luke Farquhar, contextualised the adventure: “Winter can be a grind, and actually even though the conditions can be a challenge, getting out there and enjoying the elements and finding a sense of freedom is more valuable to us than ever.” While each rider brought their own perspective to the trip, the unifying theme was a sense of reconnection with the bike no matter the season, a desire to reignite the flame, to come alive again.

Naturally, the riders went well equipped, benefiting from MAAP’s latest outerwear – the Apex and Ascend Jackets – as well as Team Evo Thermal Bib Tights, Thermal Base Layers and cold-weather accessories. The Apex Winter Jacket 2.0 is rated for temperatures down to -8°C (30°F), making it the warmest jacket in MAAP’s range. It’s also waterproof and impressively breathable despite all this. If your usual winter rides are more stormy than sub-zero, the brand’s Ascend Jacket is the optimal choice. With a 45k waterproof rating, it’s fully windproof and can still be comfortably worn in a variety of conditions.

A reliable, high-performing piece of kit that no winter rider should be without, the Team Evo Thermal Bib Tights were in many respects the star of the show. An incredibly comfortable 3D Thermo Moulded multi density chamois is combined with long-lasting, all-day warmth for a truly luxurious feeling in the saddle.

Essential winter accessories range from Neck Warmers and Thermal Wool Headbands to Deep Winter Gloves and Knitted Over Socks and Neoprene Overshoes. The extras that make all the difference between heading out to crunch winter miles, and staying on the sofa. These products form the mainstay of MAAP’s Deep Winter collection, for the coldest days and the harshest conditions.

Collection List –

Ascend Pro Rain Jacket
Apex Winter Jacket 2.0
Women’s Ascend Pro Rain Jacket
Women’s Apex Winter Jacket 2.0
Thermal Base Layer Vest
Thermal Base Layer Tee
Thermal Base Layer LS Tee
Deep Winter Base Layer
Women’s Thermal Base Layer Vest
Women’s Thermal Base Layer Tee
Women’s Thermal Base Layer LS Tee
Team Evo Thermal Bib Tight
Apex Deep Winter Tight
Women’s Apex Deep Winter Tight
Women’s Team Evo Thermal Bib Tight
Knitted Oversock
Apex Wool Sock
Winter Glove
Apex Deep Winter Glove
Neo Winter Overshoe
Thermal Wool Headband

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