We’re excited to finally announce our all-new Accelerator Programme, aimed at supporting lean startup brands looking to scale their PR and marketing activity in the early years of business.

Accelerator Programme Logo

The new Programme is structured to allow PaceUp Media to provide strategy, PR, social media and content marketing services at favourable rates for a fixed period. Up to three brands will be selected for the Programme at any one time. Each brand will be taken on a case-by-case basis depending on objectives and requirements, whilst also factoring some eligibility criteria including company size and levels of prior investment.

“The Accelerator Programme is something that we’ve been working on for some time now having spoken to many brands, teams and events over the years which have a really exciting product or proposition, but who don’t have the financial resources to activate the required PR or marketing efforts to help take them to the next level,” explained PaceUp founder Tom Copeland. “We often found ourselves advising or assisting these brands at a low level but being unable to dedicate ourselves to them on an ad-hoc basis when other commitments got in the way.

“By creating a more formalised structure around this output, we can provide valuable support for up and coming brands, without risking any impact on our wider portfolio of client partners.”

The agency recently celebrated our fifth anniversary and has come a long way since its inception, working with leading brands across cycling and adventure sports on a global basis. This growth didn’t happen without the support and trust of some incredible and innovative challenger brands, something the team is keen to pay back and pass on.

“We were afforded the confidence of others along our journey to where we are today, a well established and respected agency in our space,” Tom added. “This confidence is something we want to pass along, investing some of our time into others starting their journey. Plus, those formative years are often some of the most exciting for us to be able to integrate our services into and have lasting benefits.”

The Accelerator Programme is open to brands, teams, events and athletes looking to develop their brand through the agency’s service offering. This can be from consultation support through to hands-on campaign management during the set period of collaboration.

The Programme launches with the first brand already onboarded and underway – Australian running headwear company Fractel, one that personifies the profile the programme is designed to support. Fractel was founded five years ago by Matt Niutta evolving from a passion project to seeing him start to grow the team and scale the operation internationally. PaceUp supports Fractel through European PR outreach and strategy, raising brand awareness through the media and strategic partnerships with influencers and ambassadors.

Discussions are well underway with onboarding our second partner into the Accelerator Programme but we’d love to hear from others who think this may be a great fit for their business.

Brands interested in finding out more about the PaceUp Media Accelerator Programme and applying should get in touch at accelerator@paceupmedia.co.uk.