Following a recent announcement about Off-Season updates to the platform, ROUVY, the indoor cycling app that lets you ride real routes around the world, has refined and extended its new Pausing option and created a new Free version to offer even better value and more flexible pricing options for users.


ROUVY recognises that riders like to ride outdoors during their summer season. However, occasionally, weather conditions or other circumstances prevent this. To provide the flexibility for users to not pay for the platform when they’re not using it but also to ride indoors should they need to during this period, ROUVY will allow every user the option to pause their subscription for 180 days, with the ability to un-pause at any time, once per calendar year. Should users wish to jump on ROUVY for occasional rides, they can take advantage of a free 20km per month which they can ride whilst their subscription remains paused.

All users, existing and new, will be eligible for the new Pausing option.

Prepaid yearly subscriptions will be prolonged by the number of paused days. For example, if a user who has a yearly subscription which ends on September 30th 2024 decides to pause for 30 days, the yearly subscription will be prolonged by 30 days so the new end date will be 30th October 2024.

Free Version

To enable users to keep exploring the world virtually and try new features and routes as they are added, ROUVY is introducing a new free mode. This will allow users to continue riding on ROUVY for free with limited access after ending their subscription. Subscribers who end their subscription will be permitted to ride up to 20 km per month at no cost. Access to Races and Group rides will still require an active subscription.

Daily Pass

In addition, ROUVY has introduced a new Daily Pass, which can be purchased by users with paused subscriptions. Passes are priced at $2.99 USD for 24 hours, $3.99 USD for 48 hours and $4.99 USD for 72 hours.

Speaking on this latest announcement, Petr Samek, Co-Founder and CEO of ROUVY, ‘We have always said, and continue to say, that ROUVY helps you be a better cyclist and enjoy the outdoor experience. I believe it makes sense to use ROUVY all year round. On the other hand, we absolutely understand that there is no substitute for outdoor riding with friends. Finally, we want loyal and satisfied customers. That’s why we leave it up to our customers. Ride with us year-round, or feel free to pause during the summer, you’re still part of our community of loyal users and have access to all the benefits we offer as part of our loyalty program.’

The new Pausing subscription will roll out on ROUVY from 1st June 2024. Daily Pass and Free Version options are available now.

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