And just like that Eurobike is over for another year. Months of planning meetings, press breakfasts, product launches and new conversations and collaborations, then it’s all done and dusted in a flash. But it was a very successful flash at that.

There are few opportunities in the year when a vast majority of the industry is in the same city at one time, so you’ve got to make the most of every minute. Time in Frankfurt for Chris TerrySamuel Doll and Tom Copeland was highlighted by kicking off our work with indoor cycling platform ROUVY in earnest hosting a press breakfast for over 30 guests to highlight some of the exciting developments in 2023. There were public and embargoed new products to bring media up to speed on with Hutchinson, meetings with the VELLO team planning international growth (and some very exciting developments to share down the line!), plus catching up with clients, past, present and future, as well as friends and industry network around Eurobike and the city too.

To highlight just three key takeaways from this year’s event…

1️⃣ The eBike market continues to gain momentum and expand. There’s a lot of similarities across the board which will no doubt make it tough for several new brands to really cut through, but those that stand out through design and / or function really do turn heads.

2️⃣ There’s plenty to be positive about. After a year or so of negative outlook from the industry, not just in the cycling space but across various markets, there’s now an abundance of excitement bubbling up which will hopefully help to turn the tide. Consumers may be taking longer to purchase, but get the offering right and there’s business to be had.

3️⃣ We’re no longer a newcomer / start up agency! Whether it was feedback and compliments from clients and wider industry network, or recognition from international brands we’ve never spoken to before but already know who we are and what we do (well). To see how PaceUp is perceived from the cycling industry is recognition of all of the team’s hard work to date.

Eurobike Show - Hutchinson StandOh and staying a little further away from Frankfurt station is much more relaxing than being in the mixer!

Eurobike kicks off what’s going to be an exciting summer for the team with new projects on a very large cycling event in July that we can’t speak too much about 👀, team growth, some fun days out planned too and much more.

Drop us a note if you’re interested in chatting about a project you’ve got coming up – we’d love to hear more!