The brand…

Is unknown to many. That notwithstanding, Lee Cougan has bundles of pedigree. Founded in the US in 1977, the brand was imported into Europe by the Stardue Group until being acquired outright in the early 2000s. Since then, the brand has matured in Europe whilst paying homage to its American roots. Now, the time has come to reestablish the mountain bike manufacturer not just in the US market, but globally.

Lee Cougan Crossfire Rear

The challenge…

Was to launch a performance cross-country bike engineered to perform at World Cup level, from a competitor brand with relatively low recognition relative to the incumbent brands in the space. Knowing how congested the average endemic tech journalist’s calendars are in March, we knew we had to think outside the box and explore an alternative to a brand-owned launch event.

So we…

Looked to connect Lee Cougan with the world’s leading media in a receptive environment. We got in touch with the guys at Bike Connection Agency, who do all the heavy lifting when it comes to getting journalists together in a space where the bike could demonstrate its full potential.

Lee Cougan Crossfire Trail Action

We loved…

– Seeing an almost box-fresh brand reach the eyes of more than 13 million people overnight on launch day, in six different languages.
– The bike. It’s so much fun. Ollie is convinced XC is due to make a resurgence (any moment now…) and this bike shows that Lee Cougan are ready to step into the very top tier of MTB brands.
– Continuing to strengthen relationships with the best tech writers in the world, and meeting some new faces while we were at it.

Coverage In Numbers
  • 15 pieces of coverage
  • 7 countries
  • 1 sick bike

Simon Cittati, Bike Connection Agency:

“Welcoming a new client to our events is always an equally challenging and rewarding process – it has been a pleasure to be chosen by Lee Cougan to provide a platform for their key bike launch in early 2024. We were equally pleased to see the positive response of the media to this new bike in an exciting category, and we look forward to hosting Lee Cougan again at our events”.