Fara Cycling, the independent, Norwegian bike brand championing the simplicity of Scandinavian design, has this week launched a new range of colourways across its F/Road, F/Gravel and F/All-Road bikes. Each new colour pays homage to the landscapes and environments around us when we ride, with a nod towards Fara’s homeland, Norway across each new identity.

The new colours include Forest Fog, North Sea, Strand and Solstice, all of which are now available in the Fara Bike Builder, an interactive tool enabling customers to customise and purchase their dream Fara bike. Fara’s original colourways of Morell Red, Fjord Green also remain available in the Bike Builder, while Ride Ready bikes are still available in Fjord Green, Black Metal and Winter Sky, across three different builds in each model – shipped within 72-hours.

“As part of our drive towards simplicity, we have chosen a path of a limited colour scheme that evolves over time,” explained Fara Cycling Marketing Director Jørgen T. Helland. “We use the same colours across all three models rather than limiting riders with certain designs on certain frames only, introducing new inspirations and removing others as we move forward.

“When looking for inspiration we turned to everything that surrounds us when we’re out exploring on two wheels. Led by the landscapes of Norway but also colours native to environments all around the world where riders do what they love.”

With the latest collection of Fara Cycling colours the brand has looked to develop its Norwegian identity and offer a palette that compliments the aesthetics of the modern cyclist and outdoor enthusiast. Understanding that they require tried and tested products that can handle the impacts of the sport, whilst looking good doing it.

The Fara range is focused on just three models: the F/Road, F/All-Road and F/Gravel, each carrying the brand’s core DNA of simplistic yet innovative Scandinavian design. Each model is available in one of three ‘Series’, offering off-the-peg builds with varying groupsets and builds.

Fara Cycling also recently rolled out its Premium Partner Program, launching its first retail partnership with Barcelona’s L’Equipier where the new colourways can be seen in the flesh. More retail partners are to be announced in due course. For more information on the Fara Cycling range, visit www.faracycling.com.