MUOV, the indoor cycling brand operated by Muoverti Ltd, pioneer behind the innovative TiltBike, has today announced a new Crowdcube campaign which opens to pre-registered users today and to the public on Monday 28th.

Having unveiled a pre-production prototype to the public in November 2021, the company  has garnered a sizable amount of interest from the public and media alike throughout the past year. Following the recent debut of its new Road Bike model, artistic Design Editions and an entirely new TT/Triathlon bike, MUOV opened UK pre-orders in November 2022 securing the first pre-orders soon after.

MUOV Triathlon Bike

Brainchild of the founder of the critically acclaimed WaterRower rowing machine, MUOV Co-Founder Alex Caccia has significant pedigree in the indoor exercise tech space as well as gaming. Teaming up with CEO and Co-Founder Christoph Wilfert, formerly of Microsoft and cycling component manufacturer SRAM, MUOV is reimagining the indoor cycling experience. By developing an indoor smart bike which allows the rider to balance, steer and lean the bike, accelerate and brake, MUOV’s TiltBikes feel more natural – like cycling outside – and open new possibilities in the indoor cycling virtual realm.

To accompany the bike, MUOV has also developed an app to make full use of its bikes’ functionality, allowing riders to practise cycling skills such as cornering and line choice, and to explore virtual open spaces. Multiple major indoor cycling digital platforms are already developing realistic virtual steering capability, positioning MUOV as the first to market with compatible, real-feel hardware.

The upcoming Crowdcube campaign will contribute to marketing and fulfilling pre-orders in the UK and overseas.

Christoph Wilfert, MUOV CEO and Co-Founder: “We believe that there is broad interest to invest in the growing health and fitness sector globally, and MUOV is an opportunity to do so for any budget. We look forward to welcoming customers as our shareholders. That’s why we have chosen Crowdcube to host our raise for a secure and accessible investing experience.”

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